RCAT Submission Policy & Dates

RCA Theatre has updated its Submission Policy and Guidelines, and the Programming Committee Structure. There will be three deadlines for submission per year, after which The Programming Committee will be tasked to meet and review submissions and the progress of ongoing play development within the company.

RCA Theatre Submission Deadlines:

There are 3 submission deadlines every year on April 15, September 15 and December 15. If the deadline falls on a weekend or a holiday, the deadline will fall on the next business day. The next submission deadline is:

September 15, 2014.



There are four Submission categories:

  1. AN IDEA
    1. This submission can be a letter from an established artist, or theatre company, expressing an idea for script development. It can be a germ of an idea or a fully developed outline. Investment in the idea will be determined by the artist(s) involved and the creative innovation of the project. If accepted this can be considered a commission.
  2. A DRAFT
    1. This submission is for support from RCA Theatre for a performance or a series of performances in the Second Space.
    1. This submission is to produce an original work in development that needs to be observed in front of an audience in order to get the piece to the next phase of development. The Significant Other Series can also be used to produce a scripted work that is not suitable as an RCA Theatre Mainstage production.
    2. Under the SOS, RCA Theatre invests $5000 (or and agreed upon amount) toward the production, as well as some administrative assistance.
    3. SOS can be produced in the Second Space or Main theatre, and will be determined during discussions between the artist(s) and RCAT.
    4. Split of the Box Office will be determined by investment by both parties.
    1. This series is reserved for fully developed scripts produced with a full creative team and are usually produced for the Main theatre. Mainstage encompasses Theatre for Young Audiences as well as theatre for general populace. More often than not these productions/scripts have already been in development with RCAT for some time.

Where possible Submissions should include:

  • the projects artistic objectives;
  • names of the members of the company;
  • biographical material;
  • history of development to date;
  • other means of support for this production
  • type of programming the project is looking for
  • any other relevant material about the project

To submit your script:

Submit a hard copy of your submission , along with a letter of intent including your telephone number, mailing address, and email address, and send it to to:

c/o RCA Theatre
3 Victoria St, LSPU Hall 
St. John’s, NL A1C 3V2

Or deliver by hand Monday-Friday: 9 am-5 pm

    To: Amy House, Artistic Animateur

RCA Theatre Company

223-233 Duckworth Street, Suite 207

(above Haymarket Square)