2011-12 Theatre Season

Dancing with Rage

RCA Theatre Company in Partnership with Theatre Passe Muraille
Written and performed by Mary Walsh

Directed by Karen Carpenter


LSPU Hall: February 9- 26 2012

Theatre Passe Muraille (Toronto): March 6- March 31 2012


Mary Walsh unleashes her rage to do battle on a grand scale! A woman who starts to go blind, finally starts to see. A mother who travels across the country to find her lost child, rediscovers the child she has always had. A little girl who is always searching for her place in the world, finds that she’s already there. Dancing with Rage follows all their stories summoning the help of some familiar faces - Marg Delahuntey, a Warrior Princess, Dakey Dunn, Miss Eulalia Turpin, Mom Reardon, Connie Bloor and many more, new and constantly emerging characters. Mary will navigate the rage brought on by pop culture, politics and capitalism.  Dancing with Rage will always be up to the minute by constantly incorporating current events into every performance.


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The Drowning Girls


RCA Theatre presents The Drowning Girls

by Beth Graham, Charlie Tomlinson and Daniela Vlaskalic

Directed by Charlie Tomlinson

Starring Allison Kelly, Sara Tilley, and Bridget Wareham


LSPU Hall April 26 – May 6, 2012


With their first look at him their lungs filled with air; their hearts began to beat. With their last look at him their lungs filled with water; their hearts would beat no more.

Set in three beautiful claw foot bathtubs, The Drowning Girls is based on the Brides in the Bath murders investigated by Scotland Yard in the 1910s. Three women found drowned in their baths without a struggle. Their life savings gone and their life insurance claimed. All recently married to the same man.

Surfacing, drenched, from the still waters of these final baths, Alice, Bessie and Margaret deliver their post-mortem testimony and tell how they became wooed, wed, insured, and dead.

 Hilarious and hauntingly beautiful with actors soaking wet for the entire performance, The Drowning Girls premiered at the Edmonton Fringe and went on to tour nationally. Its chilling story and gallows humour will be brought to the LSPU Hall Main Stage by Director/Co-creator Charlie Tomlinson and performances by Allison Kelly, Sara Tilley and Bridget Wareham.

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