Plays in Development

RCA Theatre is excited to announce a new playwriting commission with Frank Barry called Food Court- The Kids vs. the Junkmouth Gang.


Food Court will be a children's show in the tradition of the commedia dell'Arte or Newfoundland mummer's shows. In the show a gan of junk food "character" will be put on trial for food crimes against the child community. All of the characters; the plaintiffs, prosecutors, defendants, defence attorneys, witnesses and the judge, will be played by "food characters." The show will be very interactive with the audience playing the jury who get to decide on the innocent or complicity of the "Junkmouth Gang." They will also be involved in the investigation as they are presented with re-enactments and asked to find clues that will be hidden in the theatre. They will also be given pass out sheets that will give them appropriate "gasp" and "courtroom disturbance" moments. A "peanut gallery" will be created with peanut head hats for the adults in the audience. The characters may sometimes burst into song under the pressure of cross-examination.

In the interest of fairness every effort will be made to provide "The Junkmouth Gang" with a strong defence.

The Plot:

When the "Lovechild Secondary School's" track team fails to meet the physical requirements for the provincial track tournament an investigation is launched to find out the reasons by. Private Diet Detectives Fudge and Crisp get on the case. Using a "COPS" style opening video, we see them begin their investigation at a Fast Food Joint located near the school. Tracking a set of greasy footprints they come upon the "Junkmouth Gang" playing video games in their junk-food-wrapper strewn lair. A trial ensues in which all the "nutritional evidence" is put before the jury (our audience) who must decide the guilt or innocence of the accused. For justice sake all attempts will be made to give them a strong defence.