Donors 2013-2014



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Donors 2013 – 2014


Centre Stage

Rick Mercer

Gerald Lunz

Elinor Gill Ratcliffe C.M, O.N.L., LLD (hc)



Sheila Cooke

David and Karen Hood

Lynda and Ban Younghusband


Supporting Role Act 1

George Dalton

Catherine Dempsey

Susan Foran

Dr. Janice Grace

Paul and Gillian Harrington

Jack Harris

Karen Lippold

Janet Michael

Elizabeth Noseworthy

Frankie O’Neill

Robert Patten

Puddister Trading Company Limited

Helen Peters

Sonia Dawe Ryan

Lynn Spracklin

Bruce and Eugenia Sussex


Supporting Role Act 2

Margaret Best

Albert and Judy Grimes

Nancy Jones

Cheryl Mullett

Randal Peddle


Friends of the Hall

Jim and Selina Andrews

Doug Blakey

Ford Brinson

Korona Brophy

Roxanne Brown

Laura Bruijns

Nathalie Brunet

Howard Clase

Donna Downton

Jillian Foley

Elizabeth Forsey

Terry Goldie

Michelle Durnford-Keats

Alexandra Gilbert

Gillian Harrington

Hazel Hickey

Liane Leddy

Kate O’Neill

David Paddon

Kimberley Parker

Doug Patey

Patrick J. Power

Alison Pye

Bharati Reddy

Robert Ritter

Beth Ryan

Tony Snow

Janice Stuckless

Tobi Stuckless

N. Walsh

Steven Wolinetz